Here is a record of activity to date:

2000.  Started with Ocean education in support of Geographical Literacy with National Geographic Society.
2004. Ocean Literacy
2008. Earth Science Literacy
2008 December, American Geophysical Union Annual Conference Poster on ideas for Geoscience Literacy
2008 Draft website for Systems Literacy in College of Exploration website
2009 Contributed to Atmospheric Science Literacy, Boulder CO, USA
2009 Contributed to Energy Literacy
2014 Presentation at combined ISSS and ASC conferences in 2014 Washington DC  USA
2015 Systems Literacy initiative started at ISSS annual conference in Berlin, Germany.
2015 October: Presentation at brown bag session to Program Managers at National Science Foundation, Arlington VA USA
2015 October: Presentation to delegates to NSF sponsored workshop on the Future of Systems Engineering Education, Ballston, VA
2016 January, Presentation to the Systems Science Working Group of INCOSE at the International Workshop, Freemont CA,
2016, April, International Federation for Systems Research (IFSR) Conversation in Linz, Austria, overarching theme is Systems Literacy.
2016 May, Presentation to INCOSE Academic Committee meeting at George Mason University
2016 July. One day workshop on Systems Literacy at the INCOSE International Symposium, Edinburgh, Scotland.
2016 July. Two keynotes on Systems Literacy at the ISSS Annual Conference in Boulder, CO
2017 January Update to INCOSE SSWG
2017 March, IFSR Publication on Systems Literacy on Amazon
2017 July Pattern Literacy for Systems Literacy. Presentation by Helene Finidori and Peter Tuddenham, ISSS Annual Conference, Vienna, Austria
2017 July Update to ISSS Annual Conference, Vienna, Austria
2017 October, Systems Literacy for Ocean Literacy, European Marine Science Educators Association Annual Conference, Malta
2017 October, Systems Literacy Workshop at the INCOSE Great Lakes Regional Conference
2017 October PLOP Workshop
2018 Januray INCOSE 2018 IW Jacksonsville – Report to INCOSE Systems Sciences Working Group